Handelsbetingelser herkolubus.dk

Terms of Use – Methods of Payment – Shipment of Goods

A. Terms of Use

Browsing and use of the services of the web sites mentioned below (section A.1.c) by visitors implies their explicit and unreserved acceptance of and consent to the following terms and conditions including all that is described in sections (B) & (C) of the text herein.

A.1. Definitions and Conventions

In the text herein, the following conventions have been adopted:

a) Panagiotis Katsinas hereinafter and for brevity will be referred to as the OWNER.

b) The web site identified by the domain name herkolubus.dk, which is an official electronic shop of the OWNER for the exhibition and retail sale of goods over the Internet, hereinafter and for brevity will be referred to as the WEB SITE.

c) The content of the WEB SITE, including images, graphics, photographs, texts and goods, hereinafter and for brevity will be referred to as the CONTENT.

d) The names, images, logos and distinctive signs displayed in the WEB SITE, hereinafter and for brevity will be referred to as the INSIGNIA.

A.2. Intellectual Property

The CONTENT is the intellectual property of the OWNER with reservation of all legal rights. All intellectual property rights to the CONTENT belong to the OWNER or to third parties legally concerned. Any republication or reproduction of the CONTENT through any medium, with or without alteration, in whole or in part, without prior written permission, is not allowed.

The domain name "herkolubus.dk" is similarly subject to the same terms herein.

A.3. Trademarks

The INSIGNIA, which represent the OWNER or/and third contracting parties, as well as their products, are exclusive marks and distinctive signs of the above mentioned and are protected by the Danish, European Community and international laws regarding trademarks and intellectual property. In any case, their appearance and exhibition in the WEB SITE should not in any way be deemed as a transferral or a ceding of a permit or of a right to their use, without the prior written consent of the OWNER or any third legal owner of same.

A.4. Personal Data

The OWNER, in the application of the principles of the protection of personal data, which are specified by International Law and govern issues relating to electronic commerce, consumer protection and distance selling, shall never engage in any illicit use of personal data and by no means shall disclose, publish, sell, lease or exchange personal data and information to or with any third party.

A.5. Modification of the Terms Herein

The OWNER reserves the right to modify or update the terms stated herein and undertakes the obligation to inform users of the WEB SITE of any such modifications, by means of the present web page, simply by uploading a newer version of same and without any other notification, written or otherwise.

B. Payment of Orders

Payments for orders made by means of the WEB SITE can be carried out using the following method:

Payment by bank deposit
The customer deposits or transfers the payment amount in the following bank account, indicating the order number in the bank deposit details:

      Name of Bank: Nordea
      Account Number: 0724 896 510
      IBAN: DK 6020000724896510
      Beneficiary: Panagiotis Katsinas

Afterwards, the customer sends the deposit details (date, amount and order number) to the OWNER, by e-mail at bog@herkolubus.dk
Note: All bank charges are borne in full by the customer.


C. Shipment of Goods

The OWNER sends goods to its customers in Denmark using postal services. All orders are dispatched by post within at most five working days from the day they are received. In case an order cannot be dispatched due to force majeure (bad weather conditions, strikes etc.), the OWNER shall contact the customer, as long as the necessary contact details are available on their part, so that they can both agree on how to complete the order. In any case, the OWNER shall do whatever possible within the scope of its abilities, so that the goods reach their destination.